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The company

Wannads is a platform belonging to Innovative Hall, a company founded in 2012 which creates services using affiliate marketing and incentive advertising to help people and businesses profit from their internet activity. Wannads’ aim is to put an end to the negative image created by online advertising (data taken from studies by IAB Spain and Adobe) and to present a different type of internet advertising model that elicits a positive response from the public when faced with advertisements. Thanks to its members’ experience in incentive advertising and its in-house developers, Wannads, through its network of publishers and users, has managed to bring together thousands of people in its network.


We are developers

In addition to our own tools, our team can tackle any changes you give them within days or hours.


We are marketers

We can advise you on promotion and how to produce income from your business to achieve maximum profitability.


We are designers

Solutions designed in-house; analysing each case, paying attention to every detail and adapting our work to all media and formats.

The team